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Investments Life Sciences

Committed to Quality of Life 

With an aging world population, a rising interest in personal health management, increased amounts of disposable income, and the access to up-to-date information afforded by the Internet – life extension and quality of life improvement are primary motivators in the Life Sciences market, and the driving force behind GlenRock's Life Sciences investment strategy. 

Investing in Tomorrow's Pioneers 

With the right combination of a highly-developed medical community, world-class scientific resources, and excellent technological capabilities, Israel has produced numerous commercial Life Sciences success stories. GlenRock identifies and invests in cutting-edge Israeli Life Sciences technology at all stages of commercialization – from ideas on paper to viable companies breaking new ground in the fields of medical devices and biotechnology.


GlenRock is also investing in Medical Cannabis and Digital Health. 

GlenRock's well-rounded Life Sciences portfolio includes: 




Kamada Ltd. Kamada is a vertically integrated global biopharmaceutical company, focused on specialty plasma-derived therapeutics, with a diverse portfolio of marketed products, a robust development pipeline and industry-leading manufacturing capabilities. The company’s strategy is focused on driving profitable growth from current commercial activities as well as our manufacturing and development expertise in the plasma-derived biopharmaceutical market. The company’s commercial products portfolio includes its developed and FDA approved products GLASSIA® (royalties from Takeda), KEDRAB® as well as its recently acquired FDA approved plasma-derived hyperimmune products CYTOGAM®, HEPAGAM B®, VARIZIG® and WINRHO®SDF. Kamada has additional four plasma-derived products which are registered in markets outside the U.S.

Latest News (01/2024): The PE Fund FIMI acquired 22% of the company. The company announced an acquisition of a portfolio of four plasma derived FDA-Approved commercial products from Saol Therapeutics. The company announced a $60 Million Private Placement with FIMI Opportunity Fund. A Strategic agreement was signed with Kedrion for U.S. distribution of KEDRAB including $180M of revenues over the first four years.



Evogene is a leading computational biology company focused on revolutionizing product discovery and development in multiple life-science based industries, including human health and agriculture, through the use of our broadly applicable Computational Predictive Biology (CPB) platform. The CPB platform, incorporating a deep understanding of biology leveraged through the power of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, has been designed to computationally discover and uniquely guide the development of life-science products based on microbes, small molecules and genetic elements.

Utilizing the CPB platform, Evogene and its subsidiaries are now advancing product pipelines for human microbiome-based therapeutics through Biomica Ltd., medical cannabis through Canonic Ltd., ag-biologicals through Lavie Bio Ltd., ag-chemicals through AgPlenus Ltd., and ag-solutions for castor oil production through Castera Ltd

Latest News (01/2024): Lavie Bio raised$10M from Corteva as well as Corteva’s Shares in Taxon Biosciences for shares in Lavie, announced successful product launch of its Bio-Inoculant product for Wheat and signed a collaboration agreement with Syngenta. Biomica completed setting the infrastructure for its first product. Canonic announced launch of its first-generation medical cannabis products. Casterra announced agreement with world leading energy company to cultivate its Castor varieties at commercial scale. AgPlenus signed a collaboration agreement with SyngentaThe company announced a $8.5 Million Private Placement with SilverArc Capital 

Vascular Biogenics (NASDAQ: VBLT)

Vascular Biogenics (NASDAQ: VBLT)

VBL’s clinical pipeline is based on a technology that enhances natural physiologic and genetic regulatory elements. Lead candidate is VB-111, a gene-based biologic agent for solid tumor indications which was advanced to programs for recurrent glioblastoma, ovarian cancer and thyroid cancer. 

Latest News (01/2024): VBL announced that the trial in platinum-resistant ovarian cancer did not meet the primary endpoints of achieving a statistically significant improvement and did not support study continuation. The company announced a merger with Notable Labs creating a clinical-stage therapeutic platform company developing new precision medicines for patient populations selected through Notable’s proprietary Predictive Precision Medicines Platform.



Quris is an artificial intelligence innovator that is disrupting drug development. Its machine-learning bio-platform better predicts which drug candidates will safely work in humans, avoiding tremendous costs of failed clinical trials. Quris is led by a track-record team of top scientists and strategic investors.

Latest News (01/2024): Quris announced it first AI- based drug is being prepped for clinical testing. Raised the interest of largest drug companies.  Softbank led a $9M investment in the company.


Nuvectis (NASDAQ: NVCT) 

Nuvectis is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of innovative precision medicines for the treatment of serious conditions of unmet medical need in oncology. The company's mission to improve the outcomes for people living with cancer.

Latest News (01/2024): The company completed listing on NASDAQ in 2022 and GlenRock sold its share in 2023.

Enzymotec (NASDAQ:ENZY)

Enzymotec (NASDAQ:ENZY) (previous portfolio company)

Develops and produces biofunctional ingredients designed to address  health needs.

The company completed listing on NASDAQ in 2013 and GlenRock sold its share in 2017.

Rosetta Genomics (NASDAQ: ROSG) )

Rosetta Genomics (NASDAQ: ROSG) (previous portfolio company)

Developed and commercialized a range of microRNA-based and other molecular diagnostics. 

The company completed listing on NASDAQ in 2007 and GlenRock sold its share in 2008.

Medical Devices

Valtech Cardio
Rainbow Medical

Valtech Cardio

Specialized in the development of devices for mitral valve repair and replacement.

The company was acquired in 2017 by Edwards Lifesciences (NYSE:EA) for $790M.


CardioValve (formally MitralTech)

The Cardiovalve transcatheter system is intended to replace regurgitating Mitral and Tricuspid valves, using a transfemoral - transseptal approach.

The company was acquired in 2022 by Venus MedTech for $300M .



Develops a novel technology for modulation of cerebro-vascular properties through neuro-stimulation of the spheno-palatine ganglion. Affected properties are central to many CNS disorders - blood vessel permeability and blood flow. Currently targeted applications include treatment of ischemic stroke and drug delivery to the CNS through modifying the permeability of the blood brain barrier.


The Company has initiated clinical trials, delivering a chemotherapeutic agent to primary brain tumor patients. 

Latest News (01/2024): The company completed mega clinical trials in India, Germany, Israel and Hungary the FDA rejected the company's submission. The company completed a $15M round in 2022.

SMART Medical

SMART Medical

Is specializing in the field of gastroenterology and GI endoscopy. SMART's products address key challenges in concurrent endoscopy, and facilitates enhanced capabilities and range of standard endoscopes in a variety of endoscopy procedures. 

Latest News (01/2024): The company sales are gaining momentum worldwide.



The company developed a proprietary Artificial Intelligence to bring personalized medicine to insulin treatment.


Latest News (01/2024): The company embarked on a clinic acquisition strategy and received new CPT codes.


270 Surgical

Is a medical device company that developed the SurroundScope System, an innovative laparoscopic camera system. The SurroundScope System is the first laparoscopic system to offer a 270-degree field-of-view. The SurroundScope received FDA clearance. 

Latest News (01/2024): The company is raising funds to support market penetration and its next generation of products.



The company has introduced an innovative continuous patient monitoring solution designed to enhance patient safety and reduce risk for general care patients. the company focused on next generation patient monitoring systems for hospitals, healthcare systems, integrated delivery networks and rehabilitation centers. 

Latest News (01/2024): The company announced that it has sold proprietary contact-free continuous monitoring technology to Hillrom (NYSE: HRC) including licensing for use outside the hospital, as well as a cash consideration of $30M.



A digital health company that has developed a system that supports a full remote clinical exam, enabling diagnosis and treatment in the first encounter and allowing consumers to access care where and when they need it. MyHomeDoc's solution connects clinicians and patients via a hand-held device with built-in sensors and a secure smartphone has introduced an innovative continuous patient monitoring solution designed to enhance patient safety and reduce risk for general care patients. 

Latest News (01/2024): The company partnered with leading hospitals and healthcare providers for conducting POCs.



The company developed an automated microvascular suturing device delivering thread only standardized omni-vessel anastomoses, to enable simple, fast, easy, safe and effective procedures.


Latest News (01/2024): The company completed development of Gen1.


Rainbow Medical Innovation

A private investment company, which aims to seed and grow companies, mostly invented by the serial entrepreneur Yossi Gross, that develop breakthrough medical device therapeutic platforms based on electrical stimulation addressing significant unmet market need and leads them to becoming high value companies.


Rainbow Medical is committed to generating returns from its portfolio of cutting edge medical device technologies in a diverse range of medical fields. Among Rainbow's investors are major players in the industry as Medtronic and Abbott and the Kirsh Group. Rainbow assists the portfolio companies from seeding through obtainment of European CE Mark and an FDA. leading portfolio companies are Vascular Dynamics, Bluewind, Nano Retina, Chronisense and Enopace. 

Latest News (01/2024): Rainbow invested more than $200M and raised $80M from insiders, led by the Kirsh Group. Rainbow is focused on leading portfolio companies.


Visionsense (previous portfolio company)

The company received FDA and CE approvals for its 3DHD system was a leading player in 3D visualization in minimally invasive surgery. 

The company  was acquired by Medtronic for $75M in 2018.


Medical Cannabis;



Portocanna is a medical cannabis processor in Portugal working to create the largest European symbiotic ecosystem of medical cannabis .



Based in the U.K Sana is leveraging the wealth of data available in the industry enables a smarter supply chain, offering transparency and trust to everyone involved from product producers, doctors through to consumers.

Xinteza is developing advanced proprietary technologies related to the production of cannabinoid-based active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for the pharmaceutical and food industries using biosynthesis and bio-extraction technologies.

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Previous portfolio companies: 

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