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Investments Investment Vehicles 

Leveraging a Unique Combination 

GlenRock's unique combination of private equity, multidisciplinary in-house expertise and unmatched access to quality dealflow enabled GlenRock to initiate a variety of Investment Vehicles with diversified focus. 

Mivtach Shamir

Mivtach Shamir (TASE:MISH)

Is a publicly-traded company, headed and controlled by Mr. Meir Shamir. The company focuses on private equity investments, with the aim of leading them to increasing value for shareholders.

Within the Mivtach Shamir portfolio, were prominent companies like Tnuva (sold to Bright Food), Lipman (sold to Verifone), Menif Real Estate Mezzanine Loans, Power Stations, Real Estate (in Israel and abroad) investments and Hi Tech and Med Tech Companies. 

Shavit Capital Fund 

Shavit Capital Fund (I-V) 

Is a fund aimed to create high returns for investors by buying and investing in equity-related securities mainly in later stage/mezzanine rounds, where plans for an IPO or any other form of exit are reasonably demonstrated, and in IPOs and secondary/PIPE offerings. 

The funds' most notable investments (and exits) were in Kamada, Superderivatives, Brainsway, Foamix, Rewalk, Intech Pharma. 

Latest News (06/2024):  The five funds raised $200M+ are invested in Mapi Pharma, Polus, Gamidacell, BioCancell, AlphaTau, Syqe, Trax, Ayala Pharma, Memed, Galooli, Yotpo, Veev, Kahr, Tipa, Etoro, Lightricks, Tommorow.IO and Polypid.




Altris is one of Israel's leading Proprietary Trading firm. It manages a multi-strategy portfolio across several asset classes such as FX, Corporate and Government Bonds, Equity and Derivative products.

A vast  part of the team is dedicated to research and risk management with strong emphasis on diversification, technological infrastructure for best execution, quantitative as well as fundamental research. 

Altris has an outstanding track record and low volatility of returns in all markets

Infinity Israel-China

Infinity Israel-China

In March 2010, Infinity Israel-China Fund announced the establishment of six new joint private equity funds throughout China bringing total funds raised by the Fund to $420M. Infinity Israel-China Fund utilized Infinity’s experience and partnerships in China and Infinity’s access to proven Israeli technologies to add value to the fund’s portfolio companies in both China and Israel.


This was achieved by collaborating with the fund's Sponsors; GlenRock Israel and Clal Industries and Investments, partnered with Suzhou Industrial Park Science & Technology Development and China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park Ventures Co. The fund was primarily focused on accelerating the growth of its portfolio companies by helping them meet the demand for technology based products in China. The fund achieved a successful exit with the sale of Digital China. Shellcase, DCITS United Water and E.T. Xin, were listed on the Shanghai stock exchange.


The fund concluded its investment period and is in the final stages of realizing its portfolio.


Rainbow Medical Innovation

A private investment company, which aims to seed and grow companies, mostly invented by the serial entrepreneur Yossi Gross, that develop breakthrough medical device therapeutic platforms based on electrical stimulation addressing significant unmet market need and leads them to becoming high value companies.


Rainbow Medical is committed to generating returns from its portfolio of cutting edge medical device technologies in a diverse range of medical fields. Among Rainbow's investors are major players in the industry as Medtronic and Abbott and the Kirsh Group. Rainbow assists the portfolio companies from seeding through obtainment of European CE Mark and an FDA. leading portfolio companies are Vascular Dynamics, Bluewind, Nano Retina, Chronisense and Enopace. 

Latest News (01/2024): Rainbow invested more than $200M and raised $80M from insiders, led by the Kirsh Group. Rainbow is focused on leading portfolio companies.


Infinity Innonation Medical Fund (TASE:IMED)


A limited partnership for investments in medical research and development companies based in Israel. The fund invests in medical R&D companies with an emphasis on digital health technologies and being a bridge to China for these technologies. Initial raise in the TASE of 40NIS, with 7 investments made since then.


Rhodium is a private investing firm established by Daniel Recanati 
(son of Leon) in 2006, focusing on high growth cutting-edge opportunities in the fields of Internet, New-media, Mobile and new technologies in general. 

Our mission is to identify the most promising entrepreneurs and help them build thriving companies. 
Our focus on diverse innovative technology start-up ventures stems from our passion and experience in the field, which enable us to bring substantial and sustainable value and commitment to entrepreneurs.

Our commitment is to support entrepreneurs and strengthen their ventures with our resources: funding, broad management expertise and an extensive valuable network of business contacts around the globe. 

We stand to take an active role in most of our portfolio companies. We strategically invest in a handful of promising companies each year to allow us to be actively involved in creating the optimum environment for them to successfully transform into world class business ventures. 
We are dedicated to value creation through each phase of the firm’s life-cycle, from early-stage to market leadership. 

Regardless of the size of our initial investment, we like to continue to support our portfolio companies throughout their financing lifecycles. 

Our passion is partnering with talented entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into industry-leading companies that will make a difference in our world.

The firm established a Space Tech accelerator for Israeli startups developing new technologies for the space industries. 

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