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Added Value Services

Beyond Equity 

GlenRock understands that successful ventures in today's competitive market are as much a result of management attention as equity investment. 

That's why GlenRock provides portfolio companies with not only the capital needed to create marketshare, but also the expertise needed to build a healthy, lasting market leader. 

GlenRock's management has a wealth of experience in strategic planning, organizational restructuring, finance and marketing. GlenRock leverages this readily-available experience, combined with custom-tailored ad-hoc teams of industry-specific experts, to provide a wide range of consulting and financing. 

Leveraging the reach and access that comes with being a key player in the Israeli economy, GlenRock is also well positioned to identify potentially synergetic relationships - initiating, facilitating, and executing successful Mergers and Acquisitions for portfolio companies.



Asking the right questions… 

Drawing on extensive in-house managerial, strategic planning, organizational, and business development experience – and access to a wealth of external resources for special needs – GlenRock provides internationally-oriented consulting services to help companies streamline organizational structures and gain competitive edge. 

GlenRock works closely with portfolio companies to analyze business needs and processes, defining together appropriate organizational and marketing changes. 

…and Implementing the Right Solutions 

Although GlenRock takes an ongoing and active role in portfolio companies, the company's consulting services aim to foster self-sufficiency, making portfolio companies stronger and more independent. 

M&A Services

Matching Opportunities with Investors 

GlenRock assists in initiating and facilitating mergers and acquisitions between Israeli and international companies. 

With a global network and profound depth of business connections, GlenRock helps find the right partners for promising ventures, and provides a rich portfolio of added-value services throughout the M&A process.

M&A Services
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