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Investments - Technologies

Investing in the Best of Israeli Technologies 

Leveraging a unique combination of top-notch human capital and government incentives, Israel has become a powerhouse of technological innovation - producing world-class solutions in fields ranging from Software to advanced technologies. 

With a finger on the pulse of the Israeli hi-tech industry - owing to decades of technology experience and  access to universities, research institutes countrywide, and the defense establishment - GlenRock is dedicated to commercially harnessing Israeli technology. 

GlenRock's in-house technological expertise and history of hi-tech success allow the company to attract, identify and build best-of-breed technology opportunities. Glenrock seeks start-ups with experienced management, unique technologies that address real marketplace needs, sound business models, proof-of-concept, and initial sales. 

GlenRock's portfolio of technology companies includes: 

Outbrain Inc. 
Shellcase Ltd. (603005:CH)
Mobileye (NYSE:MBLY)
Stratasys Ltd. 

Mobileye (NYSE:MBLY) (previously a portfolio company)

Develops vision-based self-driving car and advanced driver-assistance systems. GlenRock was one of the first investors in the company. The company led the AutoTech and safety space in Israel and was sold for a record amount.

The company was acquired in 2017 by Intel for $15.3B.

Stratasys Ltd. (NASDAQ:SSYS) (previously Objet) (previously a portfolio company)

Global leader in 3D printing and additive solutions, materials and services – delivering speed, innovation, performance and customization

The company had an IPO in 2012 and GlenRock sold its shares in 2014-2017.


Developed a global community of more than 20 million registered users who share their investment strategies, and anyone can follow the approaches of those who have been the most successful. 

Latest News (01/2024): The ION Group invested in the company $250M at a $3.5B valuation


Outbrain Inc. (NASDAQ:OB)

Is an advertising platform whose content marketing module offers to help Internet publishers increase web traffic to their websites. It does so by presenting them with links to related and interesting articles and other trusted content. Outbrain provides recommendation for several media-types - online, video, and mobile.


Millions of ratings and recommendations are being served by Outbrain daily, and the company is gaining market share also by partnerships and acquisitions. 

Latest News (01/2024): The company completed listing on the Nasdaq raising $160M in 07/2021.


WLCSP (603005:CH)

Is a leading global supplier of wafer-level electronic product miniaturization technologies for the growing digital imaging and data telecommunications markets. Shellcase's patented wafer-level chip size packaging (WLCSP) technologies enable packaging solutions that are miniature, reliable and low cost, thereby exponentially increasing board capacity and functionality for the next generation of smaller, more advanced electronics devices. During 2006 the company's IP was sold to the electronic company Taiwanese Tessera, The company licensed the use of its platforms to a Chinese packaging services provider, China WLCSP which generates substantial sales. GlenRock led the 2004 round. 

Latest News (
01/2024): WLCSP is traded on the Shanghai stock exchange, distributes dividends and Shellcase exited the company.



StoreDot  is a leader in the innovation of materials and their device applications. The company is developing ground-breaking materials based on a unique methodology that integrates nanotechnology with novel organic compounds. With a strong team of world-class researches, it aims to dramatically improve the value proposition for a range of devices, including Electric Vehicles, Smartphones, Drones and power banks. The company raised $20M from BP and $60M from Daimler. 

Latest News (01/2024): The company received a strategic investment from Volvo and demonstrated swift drowns charging capabilities.


Ecoppia (TASE:ECPA) 

Dedicated to maximizing solar park value creation, by increasing output and lowering production overhead costs. The company’s autonomous, water-free, field-proven solar array cleaning solution cost-effectively keeps photovoltaic panels at peak performance, even in the toughest desert conditions. The company completed listing on the TASE raising $82M in 12/2020.

Latest News (01/2024): The company launched its next generation product the H4. The American PE fund-CIM invested $40M in the company.


Aquarius (TASE:AQUA)

Develops a high-density engine-generator. Aquarius’ free piston, linear engine-generator has an innovative internal gas exchange system, which brings the benefit of an unparalleled weight-to-power ratio. The company completed listing on the TASE raising $65M in 12/2020.

Latest News (01/2024): Cooperation with telecommunication providers has been initiated (aim to serve telecommunication towers). Japaneses Tier 1 Musashi and TPR partnered and invested in the company.



Enables the vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication revolution by providing OEMs, Tier1 and Tier2s comprehensive, automotive and commercial grade, standard-compliant V2X VLSI solutions. Autotalks brings strong expertise in semiconductor, system and software with diverse experience in areas of communications, signal processing, security and positioning. 

In 2023 the company was sold to Qualcomm for $350

Quigo Technologies 

Quigo Technologies (previously a portfolio company) 

Search engine marketing company. It developed proprietary search solutions for the online contextual advertising space.

In 2007 the company was sold to AOL for $363M.

Guardian Optical Technologies

Guardian Optical Technologies

Is developing an advanced 3D sensor that detects the presence of humans by identifying certain motions. Guardian's sensors replace in-seat pressure sensors, seat-belt sensors and standard drivers' cameras since they indicate location, physical dimensions, and the body position of each passenger. 

The company sold its IP to Gentex in 2020.


Idomoo (TASE:IDMO) 

The company offers an end-to-end platform providing scalable and secure seamless mass-video production that automatically customizes video content using Idomoo’s real-time Personalized Video format. The company completed listing on the TASE raising $25M in 07/2021.

Latest News (01/2024): The company won contracts with major conglomerates worldwide.

Karamba Security 

Karamba Security 

Offers ECU endpoint security to protect the connected car. The company hardens the connected Electronic Control Units (ECUs) within automobiles to protect them from cyber-attacks and ensure the car’s safe, ongoing operations.

Latest News (01/2024): Cooperation with OEMs has been initiated. Expansion of product offering to the IOT space.


NextNine (previously a portfolio company)

Provided OT security management solutions for complex multi-vendor ICS environments. 

The company was acquired by Honeywell for $35M in 2017.


CyberX (previously a portfolio company)

GlenRock was one of the first investors in the company.

The company provided security for Industrial Internet networks where integration of cyber-security capabilities often requires upgrading of the entire network.  

The company was acquired by Microsoft for $170M in 2020.



Develops a powerful, comprehensive and easy-to-use management solution that enables security domain managers, Chief Security Officers (CISO) and executives to effectively secure their organizations against cyber-threats.


CyberObserver uses patented core engine and Critical Security Controls (CSCs) measurements to present a clear picture of enterprise-wide cybersecurity eco-system status and preparedness at any given moment, alerting to breaches and threats as they arise and actions to be taken to secure critical infrastructures across the security eco-system. 

 The company was acquired by XM Technologies.


Cipia (TASE:CIPA) 

Delivers simple and natural user interactions with a multitude of devices including Smartphones, Tablets, PCs, TVs, Wearable (Glasses) and other digital devices, allowing touch-free device control with the swipe of a hand or point of a finger. The company announced 2 design wins from one of China’s largest OEM 

Latest News (01/2024): The company completed listing on the TASE raising $20M in 03/2022The company won major contracts  in China.



Is dedicated to providing sellers and buyers with that ultimate win-win. Every day the company brings together buyers and sellers with their luxury auction marketplace. Worthy is led by the very best in the luxury goods market which work together to bring the fairest market value for valuable items while providing stellar service. 

Latest News (01/2024): The company succeeded in increasing its user base and enlarging its offering.



Is an innovative magical way that applies natural language to automate trade execution and portfolio management. Turn investment ideas into executable, back-tested and optimized strategies. Use any data source such as financial, social sentiment and even the weather to create your strategies. 

Latest News (01/2024): The company has expanded its line of products to also cater to the crypto currencies.

Centralway Numbrs

Centralway Numbrs

Is developing a stand-alone mobile platform focused on financial products. Users will be able to compare a whole host of financial products from a variety of banks (mainly in Germany) and set up customized agreements directly within the app. Numbrs Store enhances Centralway Numbrs’ eponymous app that provides its users with a central administration point vis-a-vis their various bank accounts. 

Latest News (01/2024): The company shifted its focus to the launch of a self custody cold wallet solution for private investors with significant Bitcoin holdings.



The first-to-market cybersecurity software designed to meet the specific needs of mainline and urban rail systems. Cylus enables to detect and control cybersecurity events on time before any damage is done. Alstom invested $7M in the company.


Latest News (01/2024): The company is in negotiations with leading European rail companies.


Quantum Machines 

Quantum Machines created a complete hardware and software solution for the control and operation of quantum computers. The company's Quantum Orchestration Platform (QOP) aims to facilitate current quantum research and development and enable future quantum breakthroughs.


Latest News (01/2024): The company  was selected to build Israel's national quantum computing center.



Classiq develops a Quantum Algorithm Design platform with which quantum teams can create quantum algorithms that were impossible to create otherwise. Upgrade from gate-level design into a quantum world and solve real-world problems with quantum circuits that could not be created otherwise.


Latest News (01/2024)The company gained vast interest from leading players in the space and announced the build of its solution on Amazon Braket.

Magnus Metal 

The company develops additive casting technology using a fully digital process that enables high-volume production of large, complex load-bearing metal parts at lower cost than traditional casting.


Latest News (01/2024)The company is in negotiations with leading European Industrial companies also as investors.



The company developed Wireless Ubiquitous Coverage for Superior home and vehicle wireless coverage.


Latest News (01/2024): The company is engaging with leading communication companies.

Photomyne (TASE:PHTM)

Developed an app which allows scanning of multiple loose photos or even entire albums at once. without having to take the albums apart to scan them.


The app then sorts them by year, so one can easily make digital slideshows or albums. The app also offers cloud storage, so one can access his photos on any device and create a printed digital album. The company completed listing on the TASE raising $20M in 03/2021.

Latest News (01/2024): The company's app is used by millions of users world-wide.



Polymertal is developing highly specialized surface coating technology allowing flawless metal plating on plastic and composite materials to produce Hybrid Products

Latest News (01/2024): The company has started producing parts to life sciences and HLS  companies.



Acquired the technology of DigiFlex (a former portfolio company of GlenRock) and is developing the state-of-the-art Sicrys™ portfolio of conductive inks designed to meet and exceed the demands of printed electronics inkjet applications for customers worldwide.

Latest News (01/2024): A new experienced CEO joined the company and the company is raising funds.



Developed a fully automated, highly efficient best in class Property Management Service coupled with a novel disruptive Net Operating Income (NOI) Guarantee that secures the performance of properties.

Latest News (01/2024): Following latest acquisitions the company manages more than a thousand properties around in the USA.



Developed a fully automated, highly efficient best in class Property Management Service coupled with a novel disruptive Net Operating Income (NOI) Guarantee that secures the performance of properties.

Latest News (01/2024): Platform went live and is scaling up.

Exelot  logo.png


Exelot delivers a comprehensive digital platform with enhanced ecommerce shipping and delivery solutions. The platform integrates easily with existing e-commerce platforms, allowing any online retailer, e-commerce store, or logistics providers who serve them, to benefit from the company's technology.

Latest News (01/2024): Strategic partnerships have commenced.



Stargo is developing an AI engine transforming unstructured info into structured actionable data, thereby creating valuable insights. the company's product addresses pricing challenges across various industries.

Latest News (01/2024): Strategic partnerships have commenced.



Scopio  has designed and built a computational microscope and developed a proprietary diagnostics platform to enable quality microscopic analysis, with the aim of providing easy and wide access to microscopy. By merging hardware and software, the company’s ultimate goal is to provide better diagnostics for everyone.

Latest News (01/2024): Company's product received an FDA approval.



Treetoscope developed a device that senses the internal water flow of a plant and directly measures its water consumption and real-time irrigation needs without extrapolations based on indirect sensing technologies.

Latest News (01/2024): Product was launched in North/South America and strategic partnerships have commenced.


Perfect Match

Perfect Macth redefining recruitment using unique technology and a first of its kind platform. Using AI-Based deep insights to pioneer the use of deep learning for career path analysis,
Prediction and Recommendation

Latest News (01/2024): Product was adopted by early users.


JetCu (previously a portfolio company)

The company developed an Ink Jet based pattern printing chemical technology designed to help in electronic packaging applications.

The technology was sold to the American company Kateeva in 2017.

LucidLogix (previously a portfolio company)

The company developed a power-saving software that enabled Android users to extend their smartphone's battery life.

In 2018 the company merged with Cellguide to create a new fabless company. the merged company was acquired by Google

Native Networks

Native Networks (previously a portfolio company)

The company developed an optical and Metro Ethernet access solutions. 

 The company was acquired by Alcatel for $55M in 2005.

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