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Investments - Yossi Gross Bio Sciences
Yossi Gross is a serial entrepreneur in the field of advanced technologies for medical devices.
Yossi has established 15 companies thus far, in most of which GlenRock has invested, including:
  • EarlySense - has introduced an innovative continuous patient monitoring solution designed to enhance patient safety and reduce risk for general care patients. the company focused on next generation patient monitoring systems for hospitals, healthcare systems, integrated delivery networks and rehabilitation centers.
    Latest News (06/2017): The company partnered with American Well to provide Telehealth Services powered by smart sensors.

  • BrainsGate - Unique neuro-stimulation treatment for stroke.
    Latest News (06/2017): The company is conducting clinical trials in India, Germany, Israel and Hungary.

  • Beta-Stim - Minimally invasive implantable neuro-stimulator to treat obesity and type II diabetic patients.
    Latest News (06/2017): The company completed First in Man.