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Leveraging a Unique Combination

GlenRock's unique combination of private equity, multidisciplinary in-house expertise and unmatched access to quality dealflow enabled GlenRock to initiate a variety of Investment Vehicles with diversified focus.

Infinity Israel-China Fund
In March 2010, Infinity Israel-China Fund announced the establishment of six new joint private equity funds throughout China bringing total funds raised by the Fund to $420M. Infinity Israel-China Fund utilizes Infinityís experience and partnerships in China and Infinityís access to proven Israeli technologies to add value to the fundís portfolio companies in both China and Israel. This is achieved by collaborating with the fund's Sponsors; GlenRock Israel and Call Industries and Investments, partnered with Suzhou Industrial Park Science & Technology Development and China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park Ventures Co. The fund is primarily focused on accelerating the growth of its portfolio companies by helping them meet the demand for technology based products in China. So far the Fund invested in 18 companies.
Latest News (06/2017): The fund achieved a successful exit with the sale of Digital China and Wairau. Shellcase, DCITS and E.T. Xin, were listed on the Shanghai stock exchange. The fund has reached its maturity and is now realizing its investments.
Shavit Capital Fund
Shavit Capital Fund is a fund aimed to create high returns for investors by buying and investing in equity-related securities mainly in later stage/mezzanine rounds, where plans for an IPO or any other form of exit are reasonably demonstrated, and in IPOs and secondary/PIPE offerings.
The fund's most notable investments (and exits) were in Kamada, Superderivatives and Brainsway.
Latest News (06/2017): The second fund, Shavit Capital Fund II, which raised $25M invested in Rewalk (NASDAQ: RWLK), Foamix (NASDAQ: FOMX) Mapi Pharma and Intec Pharma (TASE:INTP). The fund launched its third and fourth funds, Shavit Capital Fund III and IV which raised $100M and have invested so far in Mapi Pharma, Gamidacell and Polypid.
Rainbow Medical
Rainbow Medical - A private investment company founded by the serial entrepreneur Yossi Gross, GlenRock Israel and managed by Efi Cohen-Arazi, which aims to seed and grow companies, mostly invented by the serial entrepreneur Yossi Gross, that develop breakthrough medical device-based therapeutic platforms addressing significant unmet market need and leads them to becoming high value companies. Rainbow Medical is committed to generating significant returns from its portfolio of cutting edge medical device technologies in a diverse range of medical fields. Among Rainbow's investors are major players in the industry as Medtronic and Abbott. Maxillent completed clinical studies including follow up; received a European CE Mark. GluSense completed a successful European clinical study. Enopace, Slender, Fibro Control, Vascular Dynamics, Bluewind, Affix and Pharmalight have entered into First in Man clinical studies.
Latest News (06/2017): China has provided strategic collaborations and investments in portfolio companies (as Nano Retina and Glusense). Vascular Dynamics completed a $17M round, Enopace completed a $16M round and Nano Retina received a $13M investment. Last round of finance was led by the Kirsh Group.