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Committed to Quality of Life

With an aging world population, a rising interest in personal health management, increased amounts of disposable income, and the access to up-to-date information afforded by the Internet – life extension and quality of life improvement are primary motivators in the Life Sciences market, and the driving force behind GlenRock's Life Sciences investment strategy.

Investing in Tomorrow's Pioneers

With the right combination of a highly-developed medical community, world-class scientific resources, and excellent technological capabilities, Israel has produced numerous commercial Life Sciences success stories. GlenRock identifies and invests in cutting-edge Israeli Life Sciences technology at all stages of commercialization – from ideas on paper to viable companies breaking new ground in the fields of medical devices and biotechnology.

GlenRock's well-rounded Life Sciences portfolio includes:

Rainbow Medical
Rainbow Medical - A private investment company founded by the serial entrepreneur Yossi Gross, GlenRock Israel and managed by Efi Cohen-Arazi, which aims to seed and grow companies, mostly invented by the serial entrepreneur Yossi Gross, that develop breakthrough medical device-based therapeutic platforms addressing significant unmet market need and leads them to becoming high value companies. Rainbow Medical is committed to generating significant returns from its portfolio of cutting edge medical device technologies in a diverse range of medical fields. Among Rainbow's investors are major players in the industry as Medtronic and Abbott. Maxillent completed clinical studies including follow up; received a European CE Mark. GluSense completed a successful European clinical study. Enopace, Slender, Fibro Control, Vascular Dynamics, Bluewind, Affix and Pharmalight have entered into First in Man clinical studies.
Latest News (06/2017): China has provided strategic collaborations and investments in portfolio companies (as Nano Retina and Glusense). Vascular Dynamics completed a $17M round, Enopace completed a $16M round and Nano Retina received a $13M investment. Last round of finance was led by the Kirsh Group.
Valtech Cardio
Valtech Cardio is developing Percutaneous Annuloplasty ring valve repair for the treatment of Mitral Valve Regurgitation. Using a simple catheterization process for implementing the device which treats Mitral Valve Regurgitation, Valtech's treatment will be an alternative to the invasive open heart procedures that are currently in use today. The company successfully completed clinical studies of its generation 1 products and continues the development of its novel line of products. NGN Biomed joined as a lead investor.
Latest News (06/2017): The company was acquired by Edwards Lifesciences (NYSE:EA) for $790M and is now focused on its spinoff MitralTech.
Kamada (NASDAQ:KMDA), (TASE:KMDA) is a biopharmaceutical company engaged in development, production and marketing of specialty plasma therapeutics, specific and general immune globulins and other prescribed medicines using sophisticated chromatographic purification technology. Kamada is producing more than 10 different pharmaceuticals primarily for critical care situations that arise in emergency rooms, operating theaters and intensive care units. The products are licensed and marketed in the local market and in 15 other countries across the globe. The company received an FDA approval for its lead product the Glassia - a new liquid, ready- to-use treatment for Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency and entered into a strategic agreement for its distribution and manufacturing with Baxter. Furthermore, the company reported successful completion of phase 2 trial in Cystic Fibrosis patients with its Aerosolized AAT. The company also received an FDA approval to enter into a fast track Phase III in the KamRab product - An anti-rabies immune globulin. Kamada obtained an FDA orphan drug status for its intravenous AAT treatment for type 1 diabetes.
Latest News (06/2017): The company completed dual listing on NASDAQ in 2013. The company announced an extension of the distribution agreement with Shire with minimum $237M of revenues for the years 2017 to 2020. In addition, the company also reported that it (in collaboration with Kedrion) will seek FDA approval of Human Rabies Immunoglobulin as a post-exposure treatment.
Evogene (NYSE:EVGN), (TASE:EVGN) is an agro-biotechnology company specializing in the development of superior crops through genome remodeling. Evogene's solutions are based on the tight integration of patented technologies and expertise in computational genomics, functional genomics and advanced high throughput plant breeding. Evogene's core technology platform mimics and accelerates evolutionary processes and can address concerns associated with transgenic plants.
The company announced a strategic collaboration with Monsanto (NYSE: MON) one of the worldwide leading seed companies. Additional collaborations were established with Bayer CropScience, DuPont, Biogemma and other leading companies. Evogene is also collaborating with the Chinese Biotechnology company DBN.
Latest News (06/2017): The company completed dual listing on NYSE in 2013 (and migrated to Nasdaq in 2016).
Enzymotec (NASDAQ:ENZY) develops and manufactures nutritional ingredients and medical foods, driven by a deep core of cutting-edge, proprietary technologies. The company's two business segments leverage its lipid-related expertise: Pharma and Nutrition.
Latest News (06/2017): The company completed listing on NASDAQ in 2013.
Rosetta Genomics
Rosetta Genomics (NASDAQ: ROSG) ) is an integrative genomics company which has recently discovered a large number of novel genes related to many major diseases, using a radically novel bioinformatic approach. Rosetta Genomics licenses use of the company's numerous patent-pending disease-related genes to drug and diagnostic developers and manufacturers, who develop next-generation gene-based therapeutics and diagnostics based upon these genes.
The company announced the IPO of the Majority-Owned Subsidiary Rosetta Green on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE: RSTG), aimed to advance microRNA Technology in Cleantech, and later on sold its position in the company which Monsanto later acquired.
Latest News (06/2017): The company received its 25th U.S. Patent Allowance and gained a platform for rapid growth through acquiring PersonalizeDx.
Vascular Biogenics
Vascular Biogenics (NASDAQ: VBLT) is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of innovative therapies targeting the vascular wall. Based on more than 10 years of academic research in one of the leading medical centers in Israel, VBL's products introduce novel approaches to the fight against cancer. VBL's vision is to develop safe and simple solutions based on understanding and mimicking natural processes occurring within the vascular wall. The company has entered Phase 3 clinical trial with its lead oncology drug candidate, which successfully completed a Phase 2 trial in patients.
Latest News (06/2017): Pivotal Phase 3 in rGBM is ongoing under a special protocol assessment granted by the FDA.
Medical Devices
LifeBond develops and manufactures medical devices for bio-surgery and tissue repair, intended to save lives and reduce post-operative complications. The proprietary components of the company’s extensive product pipeline are distinctively comprised of 100% natural origin, bio-surgical materials with an established safety profile. The company’s first product, LifeSeal™ Surgical Sealant, is designed to form a robust reinforcement layer to minimize post-operative complications such as staple-line leakage in bariatric and colorectal procedures. The company’s second pipeline product, the LifeMesh™ Self-Fixating Mesh, is intended to provide secure surgical mesh fixation for hernia repair procedures. The company raised $20M from Aurum, Pitango, Robert Taub and Giza.
Latest News (06/2017) : The company's clinical study was completed successfully and is currently conducting a multi-center efficacy study.
BrainsGate develops a novel technology for modulation of cerebro-vascular properties through neuro-stimulation of the spheno-palatine ganglion. Affected properties are central to many CNS disorders - blood vessel permeability and blood flow. Currently targeted applications include treatment of ischemic stroke and drug delivery to the CNS through modifying the permeability of the blood brain barrier. The Company has initiated clinical trials, delivering a chemotherapeutic agent to primary brain tumor patients.
Latest News (06/2017): The company is conducting clinical trials in India, Germany, Israel and Hungary, results are expected in 2018.
Smart Medical
SMART Medical is specializing in the field of gastroenterology and GI endoscopy. SMART's products address key challenges in concurrent endoscopy, and facilitates enhanced capabilities and range of standard endoscopes in a variety of endoscopy procedures.
Latest News (06/2017): The company sales are gaining momentum worldwide.
Bioness offers award-winning medical devices designed to benefit people with stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, Cerebral Palsy, and spinal cord injury. These products use electrical stimulation to help people regain mobility and independence, to improve quality of life and productivity.
The company started to distribute new products for neurologically impaired patients and received clearance from FDA and CE Mark Approval by the European Union for its Wireless Hand Rehabilitation System.
Latest News (06/2017): The company completed the development of a wireless neurostimulation technology for individuals with foot drop as a result of stroke.
Visionsense is positioning itself as a high-end technology company, aiming to drive the Minimally Invasive Surgery ("MIS") visualization market from 2-Dimensional optics to "smart" 3-Dimensional sensors. The company received FDA and CE approvals for its 3DHD system and is a leading player in 3D visualization in minimally invasive surgery.
Latest News (06/2017): The company completed an investment round to support its next generation of products.
Yossi Gross
Bio Sciences

Yossi Gross is a serial entrepreneur in the field of advanced technologies for medical devices.
Yossi has established 15 companies thus far, in most of which GlenRock has invested, including:
  • EarlySense - EarlySense has introduced an innovative continuous patient monitoring solution designed to enhance patient safety and reduce risk for general care patients. the company focused on next generation patient monitoring systems for hospitals, healthcare systems, integrated delivery networks and rehabilitation centers.
    Latest News (06/2017): The company partnered with American Well to provide Telehealth Services powered by smart sensors.

  • BrainsGate - See above for detail information about the company.

  • Beta-Stim - Minimally invasive implantable neuro-stimulator to treat obesity and type II diabetic patients.
    Latest News (06/2017): The company completed First in Man.